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Welcome to my personal website.
Years of experience in project management and construction and facility management have led to the establishment of a strong clientele and the fruition of multiple projects both in Greece and in S.E. Europe.
To learn more on my activities, I welcome you to browse the contents of my page. For any additional information you might require, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, by sending a message, using the contact section of the website.

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About Me

Grigoris Skalistiras has more than 20 years of experience acting as President, CEO and Project Director, and more than 15 years of entrepreneurship activity. Being thoroughly qualified in the fields of construction, facility management and project management, he has managed to establish a strong clientele, including banks, hospitals, oil and food retail companies.

Εταιρία (en)

Since 2009, he is the founder and CEO of Nicon LTD, whilst in the past he has acted as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for OFC AC, Vice-President of Unikonti Ltd, as well as the founder and CEO of SKALISTIRA SA, ΝΙCHE LTD και ISOPANEL Co.

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He is a graduate of the University of Oxford with a Master’s in Major Programme Management, of the Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, where he studied under graduate assistanτship acquiring a Μaster’s in Business Administration (MBA), and of the Technical University of Crete, where he acquired a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.

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Renovation Works

The most important characteristic of a successfully arranged and decorated living or/and working area, is the positive feeling it evokes to those using it. The renovation of residential or/and commercial units is necessary for boosting their functionality, as well as enhancing their aesthetic impact on people.

Breathe new life into your home, your office, or your business by using quality materials and functional designs, at a significantly reduced overall cost. You can benefit from my broad experience in the renovation sector, in the enjoyment of a more convenient and pleasant everyday living conditions in your household or a more functional and employee-friendly utilization of your professional environment.

Construction Works

With over two decades of experience, I successfully designed and carried out hundreds of  large scale projects in the construction and real estate sector..

Over the years, I have been engaged in numerous construction projects assigned by some of the largest Greek and international companies, always using innovative methods and applications for the delivery of high standard professional facilities. Furthermore, through the construction of residential units and estates for private clients, I had the pleasure of providing convenient and functional living conditions for many people, fully satisfying any and all modern residential needs.

At the same time, I offer to both individuals and companies complete real estate management services, in order to secure their interests in the most effective way.

Project Management

Almost 90% of all projects face cost overruns with many of them reaching the level of 100%. Further, implementation phases usually exceed the forecasted scheduling, showing an average schedule overrun of up to 50%. Last, benefit shortfalls also show a probability of 90% and failure to improve for over 30 years. All the above result in severe financial issues, poor performance, dented reputations, and sometimes nations in financial turmoil (Bent Flyvbjerg, What You Should Know about Megaprojects and Why: An Overview,” Project Management Journal, 45(2), 2014).

To avoid that – me and my team in Nicon offer programme/project services supervising the complete life-cycle of a project, starting from the initial assignment and scheduling of the works to their implementation study, construction, quality control and, finally, their completion.

To ensure the effective delivery of construction projects within the given deadline, at the given budget and requested quality we:

  • Scrutinise and record the complete scope of work. Propose and utilise rationally the available funds as agreed between the parties
  • Adhere strictly with the deadlines without any delay
  • Acknowledge, accept, correctly assess, and manage risks using a number of essential tools and methodologies, such as reference class forecasting, benchmarking, improved learning processes, advanced numerical methods, stronger governance and appropriate corporate and management culture
  • Apply modern techniques of quality control and quality assurance.
    Renew and optimise the design of the project, depending on the issues raised


During any maintenance work undertaken, my team in Nicon Ltd designs and implements specific schemes, individually tailored to each of our clients. We record the response time by providing our clients with a detailed timeline, and assess the scope and costs of these works, by explaining the authorisation procedure applied to each relevant maintenance work towards full implementation of each work.

These methods and procedures make our team outstanding and expert in delivering high quality services.

Our services cover the maintenance of:

  • Building and electrical installations
  • Cooling and heating installations
  • Ventilation, lighting and motion installations
  • Medium voltage substations
  • Systems and low voltage networks
  • BMS
  • Water and sewage networks
  • Fibre optic networks

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Contact details

32, Iakchou str., 11 854 Gazi
Tel.: +30 6972 800 701 / +30 210 50 27 636
e-mail: gskalistiras@niconltd.gr